Staffing & Payroll Services

Hiring and managing your contingent workforce to enable flexibility in your operations to focus on business priorities.

Contract staffing and payroll parking

Our staffing and payroll services help our clients with contingent workforce planning and management. Hiring temporary or contract employees under our payroll allows our clients to assign the human resource management of these employees to us, enabling flexibility in your operations.

We’re dedicated to assembling the right team for your short- and long-term needs.

According to your requirements, we perform end-to-end recruitment or volume recruitment for your selection of a contingent workforce that can meet your short- and long-term human resource needs. 

Our dedicated team ensures that your contract staff are compensated in a timely manner and also manages their performance, so that you can focus on bigger-picture business goals.

We manage the payroll for your team, and treat your employees as our own.

Whether the sourcing is performed by us or by you, we take your contingent workforce under our payroll and treat them as our own employees, at the same time ensuring that they are dedicated to your operations. 

As the legal employer of the contingent workforce, we manage their employment contracts, payroll, claims, insurance, leave entitlement and tax clearance, while you manage their responsibilities and deliverables.

Why work with us

We’re flexible to your requirements and business needs

Agile and responsive service delivery

We are highly adaptable, frequently reassessing our methods and approach to respond to your specific needs and timeframes.

Reliable and high-availability support for your workforce

More than just timely payroll management, we are also highly available to support your workforce so that management matters may be resolved effectively and promptly.

Our Specialisms

Sourcing the best candidates in the market

Our specialised recruiters have an in-depth understanding of the industry and its talent markets, as well as a strong network of exceptional candidates across all levels of experience.

Our Capabilities

Our commitment to fair and equal hiring

We believe in improving the working world by promoting fairness in recruitment and human resource policies.

Thinking about Roles before People

Successful talent management and organisational design means thinking about roles before people.

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Call us at +65 6737 3638.

We’re always happy to speak about your requirements and discuss how we may help.

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