Accounting & Finance

We have a strong network of high-calibre finance professionals with the commercial experience to support your business growth.

Recruiting Accounting & Finance Specialists

In the rapidly changing business environment where technology is a main driver of change, organisations have to transform and develop innovative strategies for business continuity, while ensuring good governance and risk management.

We support our clients by identifying exceptional candidates who have strategic vision and operational expertise to drive business growth. The candidates within our professional network are technically-inclined, with deep local or broad regional understanding, and have strong business acumen and operational familiarity.

Requisitions we have undertaken

We have worked with our clients for the fulfillment of the following roles:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Manager
  • Group Accountant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Accounting & Finance Executive

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Why work with us

We're committed to our clients' growth and success.

Values-driven talent attraction and acquisition

We understand the importance of company culture when it comes to employee engagement, and how an alignment of values across employees within an organisation can lead to highly successful and impactful teams. 

Our competency-based behavioural interviewing method identifies candidates’ values, personality traits, competencies and aspirations, which we assess in relation to your culture and values.

Creative sourcing & talent mapping

With a keen understanding of industry trends and the talent market, we are resourceful and innovative when identifying the right technical and strategic competencies during the talent mapping process.

By taking a creative approach, we look beyond what is expected to identify high-potential candidates for high-impact hiring opportunities that can bring your business to the next level.

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