Fair Employment Policy

Promoting diversity and working towards a better workplace for all.

Our Approach to Fair Employment Practices

Commitment to Fair Employment Practices

We believe in equal opportunity and that implementing fair and merit-based employment practices is the right thing to do.

We recognise that people are the most important asset to any company. With a diverse workforce like the one we have in Singapore, it is important to prevent discrimination at the workplace and to adopt progressive human resource policies that allow all employees to achieve their full potential.

We’re committed to championing Fair Employment Practices by encouraging fairness and inclusivity, and by doing our part in building a strong and diverse Singaporean core to remain globally competitive.

Promoting Diversity & Working towards a Better Workplace for All

At FCS Careers, it is part of our mission to empower individuals to fulfill their ambitions and aspirations. We envision a better working world where people are free of bias and discrimination, and are able to thrive and succeed.

We strive to go above and beyond what is required, and to continually improve on our existing processes towards best-in-class practices, so as to achieve our mission.

We believe that this is a journey that all of us must take, and we’re with our clients all the way. We will learn from the best, and will share our knowledge and contribute to the conversation, to make the working world a better and fairer place for all.

Our Diversity & Equal Opportunity Policy

1. Scope

FCS Careers is committed to embrace and promote Diversity and Equal Opportunities for all of its staff, workers, contractors and Applicants.

2. Diversity

Here at FCS Careers, we are firm believers that a diverse workforce is a key driver for company’s growth and development. We value and support our employees’ differences in age, ethnicity, nationality, religion or belief, gender, marital status, skin colour, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that these are what makes our employees unique and by understanding and respecting our differences, it gives us a competitive advantage as a whole.

To reinforce our stand for diversity, all company activities, policies, practices and procedures will adhere to this policy. Some of our actions includes:

  • Conducting audits to ensure that no discriminatory act are occurring within the company
  • Conducting trainings to ensure that all employees are educated on the subject matter
  • Periodical newsletter to update and remind employees on the importance of creating a diverse workforce
  • Providing channels of communication for reporting purposes

FCS Careers treat our diversity and equal opportunity policy seriously and individual employees are also held accountable for their actions should they choose to disregard this policy.

3. Equal Opportunity

FCS Careers believes in providing equal opportunities to all employees throughout their employment, including and not limited to the recruitment, selection, training and promotion of all employees. We are committed to ensuring that all employees are not denied an equal opportunity for consideration on the basis of age, ethnicity, nationality, religion or belief, gender, marital status, skin colour, disability or sexual orientation.

All business decisions including recruitment, promotion and retrenchment are made on the basis of Ability and Merit. Our company is committed to developing the capacity and abilities of our workforce to help us better compete in this rapidly changing economy.

All employees will be made aware of the provisions of this policy and ensure that the policy is carried out properly.

The company will not tolerate any unlawful discrimination against or towards any Employees or Candidate or Clients or Prospective Client.

4. Contact Information

Employees may refer to the following contacts to ask questions, raise concerns or reporting of any potential non-compliance regarding this Policy.

  • Fair Employment Officer: WuFong Ng
  • Email Address: wufong.ng@fcs-careers.com
  • Contact Number: +65 6737 3638
  • Address: FCS Careers Pte Ltd, 380 Jalan Besar, #09-04, Singapore 209000

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Our commitment to fair and equal hiring

We believe in improving the working world by promoting fairness in recruitment and human resource policies.

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