Identifying the right talent to drive business success.

Partnering with organisations to deliver high-impact talent and human resource solutions

We are collaborative and we take a proactive approach in facilitating good hiring decisions and meaningful relationships.

Our understanding of your strategic direction translates into strong alignment of values in talent acquisition.

Enabling your teams to scale through outsourced solutions

Streamlining human resource processes enables your team to focus on strategic goals for business growth.

Mobilising your workforce in Singapore

We identify solutions to mobilise your global employees and grow your workforce in Singapore.

High impact recruitment solutions

Our culture fit and screening methodologies help to identify traits and qualities in potential candidates that will help them thrive in your organisation, so that they can make impact in their roles and teams.

Creating a sustainable talent strategy

We look at trends in the talent market, to present research and insights for your talent engagement strategies.

Facilitating good hiring decisions

Our end-to-end recruitment and support services check and verify candidates to reduce risks in the hiring process.

Upholding fair employment practices and promoting diversity at the workplace

An inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. We are committed to fair recruitment and talent management practices, and have compiled some insights on making the working world a fairer place.

Your next opportunity

We match your talent and career aspirations with our clients’ organisation and culture so that you can be in an environment where you can succeed and thrive.
remote work

5 Tips for Successful Video Interviews

While often taken as a poor substitute for a face-to-face in-person interview, the benefits of video interviews – efficient, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, etc. – make it likely that they will be here to stay.

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career advancement

Let’s get back to work!

Facing retrenchment is amongst the most difficult of scenarios that one may face in life. Here are some tips on how to face unemployment and successfully get back to work.

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performance management

Making Remote Teams Work

With project teams delivering innovative tech products on tight deadlines, Favorite Medium tells us about how their management ethos and a keen adoption of tech tools help their remote teams work and thrive.

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