Outsource a workforce to streamline your processes

Leverage on our infrastructure to achieve your business goals

In resource-scarce economies, maintaining a workforce may cause a strain on businesses. Apart from the operating costs, non-core business processes may become a burden to long-term business strategies.

Transition existing contractors to our payroll

Outsourcing a part of your workforce (such as IT personnel, operators, technicians, cleaners, etc.) helps you stay ahead of changes in the industry and reduces the strain on your operations.

Transfer existing contractors to our payroll to reduce the administrative hassle that comes with managing their payroll and statutory contributions.

Responsibility for your contractors

By outsourcing your contingent workforce, your company transfers the legal responsibility for your contractors to FCS Careers, who will manage their salaries, statutory contributions and tax reporting.

Proper governance at improved speed and reduced cost

With proper governance, we manage risks and ensure compliance, to give you the benefit of quicker onboarding and reduced opportunity costs in the management and payroll administration of contract staff.

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