Facilitating good hiring decisions

Be assured of the integrity of your next hire

The costs of a bad hire can be staggering, with time and effort wasted in the hiring and onboarding processes, in addition to loss of productivity and negative impacts on employee engagement.

Pre-Employment Screening

The recruitment process can be a costly exercise from initial selection to interviews and to finally making the offer.

Before you wish to extend a job offer to your top candidates from the interviews, be assured of the integrity of your candidate by allowing them to undergo a pre-employment screening and verification of employment history.

Reference Checks & Employment Verification

We conduct character reference checks and employment verification within Singapore, specially tailored according to your organisation’s priorities and preferences, to validate your prospective employee’s declarations.

Reducing costs by managing expectations

Employment screening encourages the credibility and integrity of a hiring decision, while also managing candidate expectations with regard to the appointment, leading to higher engagement and measurable improvements in employee retention.

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