About Us

Ideal People in Ideal Places

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FCS Careers was founded on the purpose of connecting people and bridging the gaps between companies and individuals to create meaningful and fruitful relationships.

We believe in the uniqueness of each organization and their needs, and aim to focus on offering solutions and arrangements that are catered and adapted to those specific requirements.

Similarly, on the individual scale, we believe that every jobseeker has his or her own talent and we commit to providing opportunities and guidance that may empower an individual in his or her search for an ideal career.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading recruitment firm that best understands and efficiently fulfills the ever-changing needs of corporations and individuals – in Singapore and around the globe.

Our Mission

To deliver customized human resource solutions and strategies to companies and to drive client success.

To provide personalized advice and opportunities to jobseekers and to empower individuals in their search of an ideal career.

Our Values

Meaning & Inspiration

To inspire meaningful connections among like-minded individuals and fruitful collaborations between organizations and potential employees.

Integrity & Ethics

To emphasise and treat with great value human interactions and aspirations above market forces and changes.

Reliability & Confidence

To respect and maintain high levels of confidence and reliability in our partnerships with individuals and organizations.

Opportunity & Optimism

To realize and embrace the belief that opportunities will always present themselves to those who continue to look.